AIPMT 2012 Chemistry Syllabus

You can download AIPMT 2012 Chemistry Syllabus at the bottom of this post.

Unit : 1 Some basic concepts in Chemistry

Unit : 2 States of matter

Unit : 3 Atomic structure

Unit : 4 Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

Unit : 5 Chemical energetics

Unit : 6 Chemical bonding

Unit : 7 Equilibrium

Unit : 8 Redox reactions

Unit : 9 Solid state Chemistry

Unit : 10 Chemical thermodynamics

Unit : 11 Solutions

Unit : 12 Chemical kinetics

Unit : 13 Electrochemistry

Unit : 14 Surface chemistry

Unit :15 Hydrogen

Unit :16 s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth metals)

Unit :17 General principles and processes of isolation of elements

Unit :18 p-Block Elements

Unit :19 The d-and f-Block elements

Unit :20 Coordination compounds

Unit :21 Some basic principles of Organic Chemistry

Unit :22 Hydrocarbons

Unit :23 Purification and characterization of carbon compounds

Unit :24 Organic compounds with functional groups containing halogens (X)

Unit :25 Organic compounds with functional groups containing oxygen

Unit :26 Organic Compounds with functional group containing nitrogen

Unit :27 Polymers

Unit :28 Environmental Chemistry

Unit :29 Biomolecules

Unit :30 Chemistry in everyday life

Download Chemistry Syllabus

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